Ride along with an Uber driver as he meets a slew of interesting riders. Get in on the fun times with humor, inspiration, antics, confessions and the Uber driver’s own personal philosophies.

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LIFE IS ABOUT CIRCUMSTANCE ! This novel tells the story of four women and the circumstance of them ending up in prison. The Novel deals with the realism of prison life with the verbiage that is fit for the environment . Characters all become colorful in everyday prison life. There is an escape that involves sexuality to convince a prison guard to help. The pages turn fast after the escape with FBI agent Mitch Zaga on their tail along with a crazed killer after the money stolen from a Compton California slum-lord and drug dealer. Circumstance can bring death, quick and for no other reason then the circumstance. Yet, circumstance can be what saves a person. We are all victims of Circumstance.

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Rest Stop is a 250 page realistic novel based on real characters I knew while I served my time in prison. The one thing they all had in common? They all wanted out- and escape was on every mind.

The book starts off in prison and gives insight of the living conditions. It tells of the games that are needed in order to survive. It explains the brotherhood that forms between cell mates and the cliques you become part of- not by choice, but out of necessity.

Following a fight and a stabbing, the four inmates who are held responsible are being transported from a minimum security location to the main prison when they escape. The escaped convicts come up with a plan to take over a rest-area on Interstate 15. It was just a few miles from Las Vegas. They figured that the people going to Vegas would have lots of cash on them. Their plan was to rob them and use the money to get out of the country.

It is a long way from Oregon State Penitentiary to Las Vegas. A big part of the story takes place on the trip to get to the rest stop, with robbery, murder and rape along the way. The driving force behind the story is the dialog and vivid thought process, not only from the convicts but from the victims.

Each chapter gives insight to the mind set and words of the escaped convicts, along with the Warden, the State Police and the Federal agent who is always just one step behind the inmates. The novel begins with a thrilling, fast paced opening. It holds the excited pace up to an unforgettably tense conclusion.

Each chapter ends in a poem I wrote while in prison and coincides with the story.

The epilogue leaves room for a sequel for a second book.

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