This is all new to me!

Who would ever think that the world would become so animated.

I just found this sight and was told I could turn it into a web page, Hum.

See, I am old school, I know off and on, up or down, and here I am trying to do a blog, that I am not sure how to get it out or if anyone will even see it.

My goal is to sell my novels. I am one of those type people that have written a novel and now ask myself “Now What ?”

On the other hand I have nothing to lose and since I love to write if nothing comes of this other then amusing myself, then I win.

Kind of like my novels, I did them, sold close to a 1000 copies, which is far from a block buster, But I did them.

Anyway, this is just a test blog that I am not sure anyone will see, but like life,

“When you quit learning you quit growing”.

So I will see what happens, and I know if you are reading this, you are shaking your head right now wondering what was it I was trying to say.

Well hopefully I will do better on next blog, if that is what I just did, and wonder if I am entitled to put this into a blog category.

Time to push click and see what happens.

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