Old school, I mean growing up with out computers and like most people from that err         , I never quite got the grasp of computer skills.

I have a computer wiz son-in-law who tried to walk me through trying to make my own web page, but when I tried it just flustered me.

Can you teach an old dog new tricks, I say not really as I tried with my dog when he was 14 years old, to no avail. By dog years he was older then my 67 years, but I am too set in my ways, a creature of habit, an old fool,  plain ol’ stubborn, whatever,  you want to call me, my brain just doesn’t want to catch up with the computer age.

I got me a smart phone, a nice phone, I think, but I am lacking the smarts, I can not use it to it’s full capacity. My daughter and her husband bought me a Blue tooth, they showed me how to use it, but I don’t use it  because it confuses me.

This new age of computer’s  with the simplicity of having anything you want , anything you want to know right at your finger tips, is fantastic.

But for us old folk, we are happy we know how to use our remote control for our T.V, Its not so bad, but you may have to wait on the web-page I said I was going to make until I get some young computer savvy person to do it for me.

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