The Up’s and Downs of Poker

If would of drove a garbage truck for forty seven years I would be one great garbage truck driver.     Well, that’s how long I have been playing poker. So am I trying to say I am a great poker player, No, I am not, good yes, great is knowing when to get up from the table at the right time, as Kenny Rogers sings, “Know when to walk away ” Until, I master this I will never be great.

I am feeling good right now because yesterday was a winning day. But that is not why I am feeling good, even tho’ winning a tournament for $1600, and $600 in a no limit game before the tournament started does feel good. The fact that I realized I had won enough and was asked if I wanted to play in a bigger no limit game by two poker playing friends, I declined. And that is why I feel good. I walked away.

In my years of playing I have been on such good rolls where I could do nothing wrong while I was playing poker. Other wise, Knowing when to bluff, no when to lay down a good hand. There has be something mystical when I get a feeling to play what I know are bad cards, I know I am behind but I call anyway because I feel a card I need will come, and it does.

You see the ego in my last sentence , it is like many gambler’s will tell you of their wins, but forget to tell you of their losses.  Like that sentence I called it Mystical because I hit the card I was thinking about , but said nothing about the may times I played what I knew was a bad hand and it doesn’t come, all I did was play bad, counting on luck not skill.

No matter how good you think you are in poker it will always be 80% luck factor, but because 20%  favorite is a big advantage in any game Overall I win more then I lose.

I didn’t mean to write so much but the point I tried to make is if you make rules about anything you might do. but you do not keep them, you will never be great.

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