Do you throw away old shoes?

I have some old shoes but they still have tread left on them, so I figure I will keep them for work shoes, even tho’ I have never had a job that required work shoes.

Ok so I will keep them to do my lawn, but I never change when I mow the lawn and my wife yells at me when I keep them on. Or says, thought you kept some old shoes to do the yard work in. She thinks I do y ard work. If mowing the lawn is yard work then i guess she is right,.. Oh by the way, spend the extra 100 bucks and get the cordless lawn mower, moving my cord all the time is a pain in the ass.. Oh back to old shoes.

I had some old shoes that are gone, I miss them, I think my wife throws them away, I can’t remember what they were but i miss them anyway..I think that I will donate my old shoes to the homeless, but I wear size 6 and a half and I don’t remember seeing any short homeless people. I can see them tieing my shoes together and throwing them over some phone wires. I would be driving down the road and there would be my shoes hanging for the whole world to see. Everyone I know would know they were mine by the size.

Na, i am going to keep my old shoes and just hide them from the wife. Maybe I will do some yard work in order for my old shoes to have purpose.

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