After staying out all night playing poker I came up with this. Most may not understand unless you have played some poker!


Yeah, it creeps into me like a feeling of unconcern

The power of control burning into my wits of unease feelings

But I love it and all the fruits of hidden emotions.

It is a love hate every time I play,

with the outcome of uncertainty.

The reach into my pocket for more ammunition,

knowing it would be better to leave,

But I can’t , the ugly bad beat lights a fuse,

and I reenter into the light to get even,

I could leave this zone for the morrows to come,

but I choose to end it today, like there is no tomorrow.

I accept the torture and the ugly pit gut feelings,

the flashes in my mind of a great outcome.

Not always loss as many times I come out the winner.

But the loss of time is never recaptured .

Yeah, poker is a monster, a game fit for kings,

who once were, but never has been.

Tonight I dream of the monster.

Making America Great Again?

Donald Trump is saying he wants to make America great again.

Who you talking to Donald ? America is already Great, there is no again.

We have always been great, because we have the best people in the world.

We have some funky politicians sure, we have a greed amongst big corporations,

but don’t down play Donald the fact we are still the greatest country in the world.

Sure we need some change, of cause there are wrongs that need to be corrected,

But our freedoms, our constitutional rights are powerful and we still retain those,

no matter what you have to say to run for office, do not forget .