The Writers Curse

Any writer has been here.


A thought about what a person is writing enters into his head.

It becomes a vision and then, like magic, he begins to see a dialog.

He is trying to sleep but words are escalating taking control.

Jumping from his bed he writes notes he needs to contain.

All too often a image is lost and recollection is not the same.

Notes no longer satisfy the thoughts that must be transposed.

After a fix here, a fix there, he climbs back in bed. . . One thousand words later.

Do you throw away old shoes?

I have some old shoes but they still have tread left on them, so I figure I will keep them for work shoes, even tho’ I have never had a job that required work shoes.

Ok so I will keep them to do my lawn, but I never change when I mow the lawn and my wife yells at me when I keep them on. Or says, thought you kept some old shoes to do the yard work in. She thinks I do y ard work. If mowing the lawn is yard work then i guess she is right,.. Oh by the way, spend the extra 100 bucks and get the cordless lawn mower, moving my cord all the time is a pain in the ass.. Oh back to old shoes.

I had some old shoes that are gone, I miss them, I think my wife throws them away, I can’t remember what they were but i miss them anyway..I think that I will donate my old shoes to the homeless, but I wear size 6 and a half and I don’t remember seeing any short homeless people. I can see them tieing my shoes together and throwing them over some phone wires. I would be driving down the road and there would be my shoes hanging for the whole world to see. Everyone I know would know they were mine by the size.

Na, i am going to keep my old shoes and just hide them from the wife. Maybe I will do some yard work in order for my old shoes to have purpose.


So I for drive Uber and I am driving a guy from some country that has no clue of what freedom is, He has been here for 2 years but now has no choice and is being sent back, to a place he has no desire to go back too. He has had the taste of Freedom and is in love with it.
He tells me of how great a country we live in, when the Pursuit of Happiness
is given to all, where you have the freedom to speak your mind, where all have the right to due process, the right to bear arms.
“What a great country you live in where the best written document Called
the Constitution is not only a guild line but the rights of all citizens.”
I shake his hand and wish him luck and relize how blessed we all are

The Up’s and Downs of Poker

If would of drove a garbage truck for forty seven years I would be one great garbage truck driver.     Well, that’s how long I have been playing poker. So am I trying to say I am a great poker player, No, I am not, good yes, great is knowing when to get up from the table at the right time, as Kenny Rogers sings, “Know when to walk away ” Until, I master this I will never be great.

I am feeling good right now because yesterday was a winning day. But that is not why I am feeling good, even tho’ winning a tournament for $1600, and $600 in a no limit game before the tournament started does feel good. The fact that I realized I had won enough and was asked if I wanted to play in a bigger no limit game by two poker playing friends, I declined. And that is why I feel good. I walked away.

In my years of playing I have been on such good rolls where I could do nothing wrong while I was playing poker. Other wise, Knowing when to bluff, no when to lay down a good hand. There has be something mystical when I get a feeling to play what I know are bad cards, I know I am behind but I call anyway because I feel a card I need will come, and it does.

You see the ego in my last sentence , it is like many gambler’s will tell you of their wins, but forget to tell you of their losses.  Like that sentence I called it Mystical because I hit the card I was thinking about , but said nothing about the may times I played what I knew was a bad hand and it doesn’t come, all I did was play bad, counting on luck not skill.

No matter how good you think you are in poker it will always be 80% luck factor, but because 20%  favorite is a big advantage in any game Overall I win more then I lose.

I didn’t mean to write so much but the point I tried to make is if you make rules about anything you might do. but you do not keep them, you will never be great.


Old school, I mean growing up with out computers and like most people from that err         , I never quite got the grasp of computer skills.

I have a computer wiz son-in-law who tried to walk me through trying to make my own web page, but when I tried it just flustered me.

Can you teach an old dog new tricks, I say not really as I tried with my dog when he was 14 years old, to no avail. By dog years he was older then my 67 years, but I am too set in my ways, a creature of habit, an old fool,  plain ol’ stubborn, whatever,  you want to call me, my brain just doesn’t want to catch up with the computer age.

I got me a smart phone, a nice phone, I think, but I am lacking the smarts, I can not use it to it’s full capacity. My daughter and her husband bought me a Blue tooth, they showed me how to use it, but I don’t use it  because it confuses me.

This new age of computer’s  with the simplicity of having anything you want , anything you want to know right at your finger tips, is fantastic.

But for us old folk, we are happy we know how to use our remote control for our T.V, Its not so bad, but you may have to wait on the web-page I said I was going to make until I get some young computer savvy person to do it for me.

This is all new to me!

Who would ever think that the world would become so animated.

I just found this sight and was told I could turn it into a web page, Hum.

See, I am old school, I know off and on, up or down, and here I am trying to do a blog, that I am not sure how to get it out or if anyone will even see it.

My goal is to sell my novels. I am one of those type people that have written a novel and now ask myself “Now What ?”

On the other hand I have nothing to lose and since I love to write if nothing comes of this other then amusing myself, then I win.

Kind of like my novels, I did them, sold close to a 1000 copies, which is far from a block buster, But I did them.

Anyway, this is just a test blog that I am not sure anyone will see, but like life,

“When you quit learning you quit growing”.

So I will see what happens, and I know if you are reading this, you are shaking your head right now wondering what was it I was trying to say.

Well hopefully I will do better on next blog, if that is what I just did, and wonder if I am entitled to put this into a blog category.

Time to push click and see what happens.